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A Note from Adam

Dear District 57 Residents,

As your new dedicated representative, I’m pleased to present an update on our 2023 legislative session, a historic period of activity and achievement in the Florida House and Senate, culminating in a series of remarkable new laws signed by Governor Ron DeSantis.

Our session has been dominated by a passionate commitment to advancement in public welfare and fostering a brighter future for all Floridians. Our endeavors ranged from enriching educational opportunities, insurance reforms, and improving economic activity to judicious use of tax revenue—all of which would directly or indirectly benefit the dynamic cities of our district, including Tarpon Springs, Oldsmar, East Lake, Dunedin, and Palm Harbor.

Our accomplishments in the education sphere have been truly transformative, from boosting school choice and financial support for educational institutions to more nuanced reforms like

delaying school start times for better student health. The new laws will profoundly impact the next generation of Floridians, fortifying their academic, personal, and professional journeys.

Our insurance reforms are geared towards stabilizing our volatile insurance market, strengthening consumer protections, enhancing transparency, and enabling quicker claims resolution while boosting economic activity. Similarly, significant changes in tort law were

enacted to increase the number of carriers doing business in Florida, bringing premiums down. Additionally, the reduction in professional license fees and initiatives for affordable housing have all been undertaken to catalyze economic growth and stability.

Finally, the strategic use of tax money to support healthcare, infrastructure, environmental resources, and our public servants underscore our commitment to making Florida a great place to live, work, and grow.

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